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Australia’s premium full service design firm

We are a full service Australian design company specialising in the design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of premium quality original projects for commercial and private applications. We work with designers, architects and creatives to develop and deliver their vision.

Stainless Aesthetics has grown a reputation for distinction. With works spotting every corner of the country, Stainless Aesthetics is fast becoming one of the most established names in design. Celebrating over 12 years in business, it is our mission to dedicate our expertise and resources to build a world inspired by design. We combine innovative technology with premium quality materials and demonstrated excellence in a wide range of techniques to deliver original custom stainless steel designs for our clients.

We aim to achieve the ideal combination of cost, quality, function and time as required from the client and the project. We achieve this through a collaborative process ensuring clients maintain control of their commissions in order to deliver superior outcomes each and every time.



We design for impact. We transform everyday moments into experiences. Whether your project is commercial or private, Stainless Aesthetics works with you to redefine a space and shift the way an audience engages with it. A truly great design can articulate a deeper meaning or create energy and atmosphere for those who interact with it. In order to help with your visualisation, we have an extensive range of modelling capabilities in house from drafting services and shop drawings to 3D modelling.



Our fabrication process is comprised of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship for premium performance. We specialise in a wide range of techniques from laser and water jet cutting, multi axis drilling and machining, welding all materials including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium, mild and high carbon steel, chromoly, plastics. We ensure every step of the process for excellence and guarantee only the best in craftsmanship and durability.




Nothing can be quite as immersive or as provocative as a design installation. A clever installation evokes thought and emotion for its audience. It can provide an immersive experience that transports its viewer to another place and changes the way they interact with a space. Whether commercial or residential, subtle or otherworldly, Stainless Aesthetics curates installations to transform the artist’s vision into an inspiring reality. We pack and deliver nationally with installers licensed and insured to perform high risk work interstate. Crane and access equipment available at any height.


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